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  • What is TechItCheap?

    TechItCheap is an online community that provides easy access to cable TV subscriptions, Purchase of Airtime and Data, Quick access to Bulk SMS and give Student and Quick Loans. Techitcheap provides easy access to bills payment.

  • Individuals, Companies and Organization can sign up on TechItCheap.

  • You have less than 5 minutes to have your account created once you provide the required information and you've submitted your application.

  • No, you can place orders for anyone including your friends and family.

  • We have a good number of staff to attend to any issue you might have. Additionally, there is a support system that you can use to lay complains.

  • Let's have a look at an example. Emmanuel, a TechItCheap member, buys data from us for ₦248 per gig. As a student, he chose to sell the data plans to his classmates for ₦300 or ₦350 per gig, depending on his choice. He earns ₦52 or ₦102 per transaction by doing so. If Emmanuel performs 10 transactions each day, he earns ₦520 or ₦1200 per day, which equates to ₦15,600 - ₦36,000 per month without exerting any effort.